Dental Treatments That Make a Difference

Here at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we know that “Confidence Begins with a Great Smile!” And thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, having a healthy smile is now more attainable than ever. Whether you suffer from receding gums or discolored and/or misaligned teeth, the experts at Smileboston can help!

How to Treat Four Common Dental Issues

Gum Recession – Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue is pushed back to expose more of the tooth or the tooth’s root and causes sensitivity and pain. Gum recession becomes a health concern when the roots are exposed and teeth at risk for infection or tooth loss. When diagnosed with gum recession, your dentist will recommend treatments that can help to slow its progression. One of these, the Pinhole Surgical Technique, can replace traditional gum grafting. Smileboston is one of the only practices in Greater Boston to offer this minimally invasive procedure.

Discolored Teeth – A whiter smile is one of the easiest ways to refresh your look. At Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry we offer professional in office or at home teeth whitening that can remove surface stains to reveal a brighter smile. And now, through the end of June, Smileboston is participating in the Smiles for Life campaign. There’s never been a better time to whiten your teeth as 100% of all whitening proceeds will be donated to children’s charities. Call us today, to schedule your whitening treatment.

If the discoloration of your teeth is not superficial, it may be the result of age, certain diseases, medication, or trauma. In these cases, porcelain veneers are an option that can help to restore the shape and color of your teeth.

A Crooked or Misaligned Smile – There are a number of ways to repair crooked or misaligned teeth. Smileboston proudly offers Invisalign clear braces that can straighten teeth without the use of traditional “wire and bracket” braces. Invisalign works through a series of invisible, removable and comfortable clear aligners that transforms your teeth and smile. Depending upon severity, porcelain veneers may also be an option. Veneers are often an ideal solution for problems such as spaces between teeth, and chipped or broken teeth.

Missing or Damaged Teeth – Successfully replacing missing or damaged teeth depends on a variety of factors including the tooth’s location and the health of any surrounding teeth. Possible options include dental implants, dental bridges, crowns, and dentures. A dental implant with a restoration that includes a crown, bridge or denture, is the closest thing to your natural teeth and are designed to last a lifetime with proper care.

Steven D. Spitz, DMD, the founder of Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, is one of a limited number of prosthodontists in the Boston area who has the necessary education and training to surgically place an implant and restoration.

Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is a full-service cosmetic dentistry practice located in Brookline, MA. Smileboston specializes in cutting edge technology, optimal oral health and patient care. Visit Smileboston online to learn more about our team & the services we offer or contact us to schedule your next appointment!