Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-mouth rehabilitation refers to the process of completely restoring your smile. Full mouth ‘rehabilitation”, unlike a “smile makeover,” is a necessary series of procedures, rather than elective surgery.

Full-mouth rehabilitation is needed when:

  • Teeth have been lost
  • Teeth are congenitally missing
  • Teeth have been injured or fractured
  • Teeth have become worn as a result of acid-erosion or other issues
  • Jaw pain is present due to bite problems

Every Smileboston patient receives their individualized treatment and procedures based upon their individual needs and desired end results. However, full-mouth rehabilitation requires a bit more detail, additional office visits, and a considerable amount of healing time. Working together you, along with your doctor, will determine which procedure, or combination of procedures, is necessary to restore and/or rebuild your healthy and beautiful smile.