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I went to see Doctor Spitz as a former dentist had convinced me to do some unnecessary work along with some that needed to be done. If that was not enough the former dentist botched the work. Doctor Spitz corrected the work and did an awesome job. I have now been with him for close to 20 years.

Guillermo & Nilda

Patients since 2000
Satisfied Patients

We needed a lot of work and had terrible experiences at two previous dental offices. All of our oral health issues have been resolved with Dr. Spitz at Smileboston. Compassion, care, and the feeling of not getting taken advantage of are the biggest differences we’ve found with Dr. Spitz and Smileboston!

Deb & Rich

Patients Since 2015
Satisfied Patients

Thank you, Dr. Spitz! Joe is unbelievably thrilled with all your great work. He keeps smiling in the mirror. Thank you very much, you’re the best.

Joe & Carol

Patients Since 2017
Satisfied Patient

I am so excited to really smile! Thank you Dr. Taylor for making me pretty! I love not feeling icky when my picture is taken now!!!!

Patient Since 2017

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