Advanced Technology

Not only is a healthy and attractive smile a symbol of your overall health, it and can help to bolster your self confidence. The professional team at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is here to help you to achieve your oral health goals. At Smileboston, the patient experience from start to finish has been carefully crafted with your comfort in mind. Our friendly and highly trained team, our updated operatories and  our commitment to cutting edge treatment technologies all exude a relaxed environment of comfort and confidence.

With Steven D. Spitz, DMD at the helm, Smileboston has consistently been on the technological forefront and has been quick to adopt the latest technological advances. That’s why Smileboston proudly offers conscious sedation, laser dentistry, Velscope Oral Cancer Screening, 3D computerized dental impressions and more to assure your dental visit is comfortable, informative and less invasive.

Contained within this section you will find information on the wide array of dental treatments available at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry.

Commitment to Technology

Dr. Spitz and our Smileboston team have always had an eye for up-and-coming technology: Dr. Spitz was the first dentist in New England to place dental implants using a Waterlase dental laser, the first laser to work with hard tissue; He was one of the first dentists to utilize as well as a beta-tester for 3D dental impressions; We utilize VelScope Oral Screening equipment to detect oral cancer during hygiene appointments, and more. Likewise, Smileboston is one of the first practices in the area, and the only prosthodontic practice, to offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique to treat gum recession.