Advanced Technology


With his goal of ‘always learning’, Dr. Spitz has continually been on the lookout for the latest technology and technological advances ever since the beginning of Smileboston in 1997.

  • In 2004, he was the first dentist in the country to place dental implants utilizing the Biolase Waterlase dental laser, the first all tissue dental laser to work with bone, and ultimately taught this process throughout the country and to advanced dentists in South America.
  • Spitz was a beta-tester for the first 3D impression scanner with Brontis, now owned by 3M.
  • Spitz was the first dentist who was not an orthodontist to use Invisalign™ in the advanced treatment of dental issues.
  • Spitz is currently one of few dentists who are not orthodontists utilizing the LightForce 3D orthodontic bracket system, and when necessary, he plans in conjunction with a local orthodontist who specializes in advanced dentistry.
  • Spitz is the only prosthodontist in the world (as per Dr. Chao’s organization) who is Advanced Certified for the Chao Pinhole™ Surgical Technique.
  • Spitz is one of few dentists (if not the only one) in New England who work in conjunction with an anesthesiologist to restore teeth in office and NOT in a hospital setting.
  • Smileboston is currently one of two dental offices in the country utilizing the latest software version of the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose Radiation CBCT (cone beam computed tomography).
  • Taylor is concentrated in treating TMJ issues with Botox with amazing outcomes.

Our compassionate and highly trained team, recently updated office, and commitment to cutting-edge treatment, procedures, and technologies together embody our comfortable yet advanced Smileboston Experience. Our team at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is here to help you to achieve your oral health and aesthetic goals.

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State of the Art Sterilization

At Smileboston, we have always prioritized sterilization and infection control to ensure the safety of our patients and team. In the midst of COVID-19, our practice has invested in additional safeguards to further protect those in our office:

  • We use Surgically Clean Air, a large surgical strength air purifier that completely recirculates the air throughout the entire operatory between patients and throughout the office area. In other words, no two patients breathe the same air.
  • To sterilize the air quality, we utilize a special air Hypochlorous acid fogger between each patient that is proven, with high predictability, in disinfecting against the COVID-19 virus.
  • As all dental facilities, we utilize Universal Precautions, where our team is gowned in advanced PPE including face shields, N95 primary masks, and level 2 or 3 secondary masks, depending upon the clinical situation.
  • In addition to our clinical team, all administrative team members wear masks throughout the day, as well.
  • Each of our team members wears a button with their name and photo. This allows you to actually see and know who you are working with throughout your visit.

Waterlase Dental Laser

An alternative to drills and scalpels, Waterlase is an all-tissue dental laser that we use to treat teeth, gum, and bone tissue. Producing a narrow, intense beam of laser energy, Waterlase is used in procedures such as root canals, crown lengthening, gum disease treatments, biopsies, wisdom teeth, fillings, and more. It helps to easily reduce infections, remove or reshape gum and bone tissue that is inflamed or overgrown, remove muscle attachments from under the tongue (i.e., ‘tongue tied’), and remove discomfort of canker and cold sores. This cutting-edge technology allows for comfortable, precise, and efficient dental care with quick healing and greater aesthetics.

Pinhole™ Surgical Technique

The Pinhole™ Surgical Technique is an amazing and effective gum restoration procedure that offers an immediate result alternative to traditional gum grafting. The Pinhole™ Surgical Technique involves placing a small pinhole in your gums, allowing Dr. Spitz, the only prosthodontist in the country with the Advanced Pinhole Certification, to loosen the gum tissue from underneath then add collagen material to stabilize the area. This innovative method is simple, suture-free, minimally invasive, and significantly less painful than traditional gum grafting. There are no sutures and no second surgical site (as in traditional gum recession treatment), only the small pinhole that heals quickly and effectively.

3D Digital Dental Impressions

We know how individuals dread uncomfortable and messy impressions taken for the creation of crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, mouthguards, nightguards, etc. At Smileboston, technology makes gooey impression trays a thing of the past. We utilize both the Planmeca Emerald S scanner and the iTero Oral Scanner that takes over 2000 3D photo in one second, allowing for comfortable, quick, and thorough care. Our team uses those images captured by the scanner to create precise final restorations, Invisalign™ treatment, mouthguards, nightguards, and more.

CBCT Ultra Low Radiation Scanner

Smileboston has the latest CBCT (Cone-beam computed tomography) scanner which has the lowest x-ray radiation available. In fact, a single x-ray of the whole head and face shows precise details, even down to the nerves, and produces less radiation than walking across the street on a sunny day. Our CBCT ultra low radiation scanner is especially imperative for implant cases in which one scan portrays the entire jaw. With the availability of ‘zooming in’, clarity is not compromised as it is in previous models where close-up images became pixelated and fuzzy.

Dental Crowns in a Day with E4D

Crafting and placing your crown in just one visit is no exaggeration. All in a day’s work, we take a digital impression of your tooth and send it to our in-office E4D system which designs a dental crown in our milling machine. Once your crown is complete, we place it, make any necessary adjustments, and send you on your way.

VelScope Oral Screening

The latest in oral cancer screening, VelScope is a handheld scope that allows us to see oral tissue abnormalities, including cancer and pre-cancer, during hygiene appointments. We use this device in conjunction with intra- and extra-oral head and neck exams to detect disease at its earliest stage and look to catch oral conditions before they turn into something detrimental. No dyes are required, and the testing is immediate, two benefits provided by this innovative technology that aids in our offering the best oral health care possible.

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Digital Microscope

We utilize a digital microscope to magnify and illuminate your teeth, gums, and mouth, during your treatment, which gives us the option to video record treatments, enabling Dr. Spitz to provide even more thorough and comprehensive oral care than ever before. We typically use this advanced technology during root canal and periodontal procedures.

A healthy and attractive smile is symbol of your overall health and can help to bolster your self confidence. The professional team at Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is here to help you to achieve your oral health goals. Our friendly and highly trained team, our beautifully updated office, and our commitment to cutting edge treatment, procedures and technologies exude a relaxed and comfortable environment — The Smileboston Experience.