Replace A Full Arch of teeth with implant retained dentures

Typically, when a tooth is lost, it is best for overall oral health to have it replaced sooner than later. In the long run, missing teeth can affect your occlusion, or “bite”, as well as your ability to speak and chew. Individual tooth loss can increase the burden on remaining teeth eventually causing muscle pain in your jaws and causing headaches. Of course, losing a tooth can affect your appearance as well. 

Replacing a full arch of teeth would take replacing each individual tooth or, a more affordable option, a full arch denture. Although many patients do not have an issue wearing an upper denture, some people find it difficult to wear and eat if they have lower dentures as well. One of a few different implant-supported options, may be the right plan if you are missing your lower teeth.

Depending upon the number of implants to be placed, it may be possible to eliminate the need for covering the roof of your mouth with a complete denture. This option allows you to fully taste your food and gives you a better sense of its temperature. Your denture will feel more natural. You will still have a removable denture, which makes cleaning the support bar and denture much easier.

An Implant Retained Upper Denture with its implants attached

  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during eating
  • Bone and gum preservation
  • Improved dental hygiene
  • Superior esthetics
  • Nutritional benefits

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