Digital Impressions

3D Impressions

Dental impressions are used to create dental crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, implant restorations and more. They are also one of the more dreaded procedures in any dental practice! As part of a high-tech dental experience, Smileboston patients can say good-bye to any discomfort associated with messy and gooey dental impression trays.

Smileboston uses the iTero Digital Scanner. In addition to comfort, using a 3-D scanner provides many benefits for the final aesthetics. Computerized precision creates better fitting and better looking crowns and bridges.

The oral scanner has 20 tiny lenses, each taking 20 pictures in just one second. It offers 3-D, real-time images of teeth which rapidly appear one by one on a computer screen as a the scanner wand (about the size of an electric toothbrush) is moved through a patient’s mouth. Special 3-D glasses allow the dentist and patient to see all angles of the teeth and the final impression. This entire process takes just a few minutes, allowing the Smileboston team to capture a comprehensive image of the patient’s teeth that is can then be used to create a precise final restoration.