Digital Impressions

3D Impressions

Dental impressions are a necessary part in creating dental crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, implant restorations, and more. Unfortunately, traditional impressions can also be uncomfortable, messy, and cause gag reflexes in many individuals.

As part of our high-tech Smileboston Experience, Smileboston patients can say good-bye to any discomfort associated with traditional messy and uncomfortable dental impression trays.

Smileboston utilizes the iTero® Digital Scanner. In addition to a more comfortable impression, using a 3-D digital scanner provides many benefits for the final aesthetics as computerized precision creates better fitting and better-looking restorations.

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What are the benefits of iTero® Intraoral Scanner?

  • More predictable and accurate restorations
  • Enhances chairside visualization and planning
  • Allows patients to see and understand their condition
  • Permanent digital records
  • More comfortable

How does the iTero® IntraOral Scanner work?

A compact, handheld wand is used to digitally map the structure of your teeth and gums using optical technology. In just minutes, we have an accurate picture of your oral anatomy, allowing us to plan precision treatments that will yield the best results.