LightForce® Custom 3D Printed Ceramic Braces

Custom Braces for Your Unique Smile

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, widening your dental arch, or fixing your bite and don’t think Invisalign® is for you, LightForce may be the option.

Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry is excited to offer the newest orthodontic treatment in creating the smile you’ve been thinking about: LightForce custom orthodontic 3D Braces.

LightForce is the first and only patient-specific 3D custom-printed braces custom designed specifically for each individual.

What is the LightForce System?

LightForce braces are a digital approach to orthodontics and a system that brings breakthrough technology to orthodontic treatment. LightForce unites cutting-edge 3D-Printing technology with the latest in digital treatment planning. For the first time ever, your dentist can provide braces that are 100% customized to each individual patient. Your LightForce brackets fit your teeth perfectly and are literally programmed with the precise movements required to create your perfect smile.

LightForce Custom Braces vs. Traditional Metal Braces

  • Traditional braces are a one-size-fits-all system that has not changed much in 50 years.
  • Traditional braces involve manual bending of beta-titanium and steel wires.
  • LightForce uses digitally planned NiTi wires that are customized and time-efficient.
  • Traditional metal braces are one size fits all.
  • LightForce assesses each patient digitally, with proprietary software that uses biomechanics to create custom brackets and treatment planning.
  • Traditional metal brackets require adaptions to compensate for standard brackets on a non-standard tooth.
  • LightForce Cloud brackets fit each tooth perfectly.

Why see a prosthodontist for braces?

Although a prosthodontist is not a specialist in orthodontics, we are specialists in restorative dentistry, including where teeth need to be in order to open your bite, relieve jaw pain, and set you up to be healthy for a lifetime. Find out what is best for your situation, dental health, and your overall health.

Who is a Candidate?

  • Anyone interested in an alternative to metal braces.
  • Anyone who may not be at ease with 22/7 compliance of removable aligners.
  • Anyone whose traditional treatment plan would not obtain desired results using removable aligners.

4 Benefits of LightForce Custom 3D Printed Braces

  1. Your Comfort: Digital imaging is where LightForce begins the process, with the breakthrough technology of a 3D scanner to capture your dental impressions. Uncomfortable gooey impressions and plaster models are outdated and have been replaced with digital scans and virtual treatment planning. As well, your custom bracket system fits better and is more comfortable on a daily basis.
  2. Your Time: LightForce technology is faster than traditional methods, allowing less initial time in the chair for setup, quicker turn-around time for placement, and fewer visits to the office. As fully customized brackets are less likely to come off than standard ones, if they do, the digitized process makes fixing broken brackets quick and easy.
  3. Your Look: LightForce offers two types of brackets that blend naturally with your teeth. You can choose either a ‘clear’ translucent (light) bracket or a white (cloud) bracket that matches the ‘white’ of your teeth.
  4. Your Outcome: LightForce’s use of digital accuracy enables a more comfortable and accurate outcome, taking your entire facial structure into consideration. Each bracket of your customized braces is 3D printed using some of the world’s most sophisticated 3D printing technology, giving you the final result that you expect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are LightForce Braces more expensive than traditional braces or clear aligners?

Each patient case is unique. While the LightForce digital platform and systems are new technology, they reduce the time an orthodontist plans treatment and adjusts standard braces and wires for non-standard teeth. This in turn reduces the number of office visits needed and time and money spent for orthodontic visits and adjustments.

Can you really 3D print braces that work?

Yes. LightForce has created proprietary technology, utilizing bracket materials that can be used in 3D printers to produce durable, custom-fitting results.

What are LightForce brackets made of?

LightForce brackets are 100% polycrystalline alumina, which has been used to make orthodontic brackets for decades. The proprietary formula permits 3D printing for when finished, these custom brackets are virtually the same as the best-selling ceramic brackets on the market today.

How long does it take to receive a complete set of Custom Brackets and LightTrays?

The average turn-around time is 7-10 business days after treatment is approved.

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