The Smileboston Experience


Why Choose Smileboston

Our Smileboston Experience centers around personalized, comfortable, and comprehensive oral health care, as we work to go beyond expectations in technology, financial flexibility, comprehensive dental care, comfort, and communication. When it comes to choosing a dental practice, we know there are many dentists in the Greater Boston area.  At Smileboston, here’s how we work for you:

Commitment to Technology

Since opening our doors in 1997, Dr. Spitz has always had an eye for up-and-coming technology.

  • Dr. Spitz is the only Prosthodontist in the world (according to Chao Pinhole® Technique) with Advanced Pinhole Certification to treat gum recession without surgery.

Dr. Spitz was the first dentist in the country to:

  • Place dental implants using the Waterlase Dental Laser, the first laser to work with hard tissue;
  • Utilize 3D digital dental impressions as one of the company’s beta-testers; 


  • One of two practices in the country to utilize upgraded CBCT Cone Beam low radiation technology;
  • Offers same day crowns, also known as ‘Crowns in a Day’, with E4D;
  • Utilizes VelScope Oral Screening equipment to detect oral cancer during hygiene appointments,

Financial Flexibility

Financial management is an important part of your overall oral health. That’s why Smileboston works to provide our patients with the financial aspects of their treatment up-front. We offer in-office payment options to help with your financial planning and dental financing credit available in time frames that fit your needs.

It is important for us to share that Smileboston will submit your treatment information for any dental ‘insurance’ plan. Please know that we are not contracted with any company and are considered an out-of-network providerBy supplying us with your most recent dental coverage information, we will research your plan, explain your benefits to you so that you fully understand your policy, and submit your information directly to your plan provider. In less than 30 days, your reimbursement will be sent directly to you. For questions concerning your dental plan, please ask.

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Comprehensive Dental Care

Patient review of Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

At Smileboston, with several dental specialists on our team, including a Prosthodontist and an Endodontist, all of your oral health needs, from general dentistry to complex procedures, can all be met in one office.

Commitment to your Comfort

We understand that many patients experience dental anxiety and we do everything to assure that your experience is positive. Whether you need an extra visit to simply explore our office and our team, by communicating expectations clearly, we are usually able to alleviate dental fear. We offer several dental sedation options and encourage you to bring headphones and music to listen to during your visit.


We understand that your time is valuable, and that’s why we offer office hours beginning at 7:30 am, dental appointment reminders via text, email or phone (you choose), and a quick turnaround time for return calls and appointment requests. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns in the office, over the phone, or via email. Our doctors are also directly available for dental emergencies, for patients of record, even after hours, as our phone is connected to our team, not an answering service. 

At Smileboston, we strive to be your ‘happy dental home’, and hope that your Smileboston visit will make you, “Smile Always!”

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