How Long Does Pinhole Surgical Technique Last?

What are the long-term results of Pinhole?Pinhole Surgical Technique™

Have you noticed your gum line receeding? Are there certain places where gum tissue has pulled back, exposing the roots of your teeth, creating sensitivity or making you unhappy with your smile?

Gum recession is not uncommon. As we age, we become more seseptable to dental injury and issues as a result of gum disease, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, grinding and clenching teeth, aggressive brushing, and even genetics.

No matter the cause of receding gums, Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) can give you relief physically and aesthetically with this advanced technique used to repair gum recession.

What is Pinhole Surgical Technique?

PST is an advanced gum therapy that repairs gum recession without the use of a scalpel or sutures utilized in traditional grafting procedures. In other words, PST is a minimally invasive treatment that has rapid results and is virtually painless allowing for a speedy recovery and an improved appearance you will notice immediately. Also known as the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique and Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™, after the developer of the technique over 30 years ago, John Chao, DDS, MAGD.

Does Pinhole Surgical Technique work?

In addition to correcting gum recession, PST can actually save your teeth. Scalpel-free, suture-free, and graft-free, this minimally invasive procedure involves the gentle loosening of gum tissue through a small ‘pinhole’ to glide it over the part of the tooth from which it has receded, essentially repositioning it back over the teeth, accomplished in a single visit.

Is Pinhole surgery permanent?

Nothing is permanent unless continuing care is in place. However, in many cases, PST can be a permanent solution in treating gum recession, if you take the time to determine the underlying cause of your gum recession before treatment.

For example, if your gum recession issue is due to gum disease, it’s best to tackle the plaque that has hardened into tartar and irritated your gums. When gums become inflamed and infected, damage can spread from your gums to bone structures, leading to gum recession and bone loss. Therefore, it may be important to have a deep cleaning to prepare for Pinhole surgery.

Periodontal maintenance, regular hygiene ‘cleanings’, and minimizing trauma with your bite (occlusion), is also key to keeping your gums healthy. Professional cleanings, along with flossing and brushing, can be important in gauging your dental health before it becomes a serious issue.

Does Pinhole Surgical Technique last?

Once you are on top of your gum health and successfully treated the underlying causes of your gum recession, Pinhole Surgical Treatment can be a permanent solution. Simply put, if you’ve eliminated what causes your gum tissue to recede, taken steps to repair the damage, and continue to care for your dental health, PST can be part a permanent solution. In many cases, wearing an occlusal guard is also necessary for long-term relief.

How much does Pinhole gum surgery cost?

Pinhole treatment varies as the fee for one area may be incrementally higher than treating several areas. When treatment is completed with a highly trained PST specialist, the fee could range between $1300-$1500 per tooth or 3-10K per quadrant. Having a dental examination is the first step in evaluating your situation and your specific needs. During your visit, it will be determined if you’re a candidate for the procedure and what needs to be done to effectively treat your gums. Note that there are a few procedures that work to treat gum recession, but the best outcomes result when experts, such as those who are Pinhole Surgical Technique Advanced Certified, perform the Pinhole Gum Surgery.

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