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Do I need to go to the dentist if my teeth don’t hurt?

Even if your teeth don’t hurt, visiting the dentist every six months is essential, as regular dental check-up appointments focus on preventative care. Once your teeth hurt, you’ve missed the opportunity to prevent the problem. At your regular visit, your dentist can identify issues before they cause irreversible harm to your dental and general health. […]

Pinhole Surgical Technique: Improving Smiles Throughout Boston

Gum Recession, a condition where the roots of the teeth are exposed, may become uncomfortable, as it can lead to a greater risk of decay and tooth loss while causing sensitivity to cold foods and drinks. Traditionally, the only fix for gum recession was an invasive, painful surgical procedure. However, the innovative pinhole surgical technique offers an alternative to […]

Diabetes and Gum Disease: What You Need to Know

Taking care of your gums is vital for everyone, but it is crucial for individuals with diabetes. National Gum Disease Awareness Month is the perfect time to learn more about the connection between diabetes and gum disease. The Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease Diabetes affects nearly all body systems, including the mouth. Did you […]

How Long Does Pinhole Surgical Technique Last?

What are the long-term results of Pinhole? Have you noticed your gum line receeding? Are there certain places where gum tissue has pulled back, exposing the roots of your teeth, creating sensitivity or making you unhappy with your smile? Gum recession is not uncommon. As we age, we become more seseptable to dental injury and […]