Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry proudly uses a dental laser – a versatile tool that allows dentists to cut teeth, bone and gum tissue with less trauma and complete procedures that cannot be done with traditional dental tools. A dental laser allows dentists to use fewer shots and less anesthesia thereby reducing patient anxiety and providing a more relaxing dental experience.

Smileboston uses laser dentistry in many applications including placing and replacing basic fillings, in cosmetic procedures such as defining gums, in periodontal and endodontic (root canal) therapies, and even when placing dental implants.

Overall, the dental laser reduces and in some cases even replaces the need for a dental drill. This advancement offers patients multiple benefits including the ability to forgo anesthetic – no  needles – minimal inflammation and discomfort, and it accelerates the healing process. This means that you’ll see the final results you’re looking for even faster.

Why does the Dental Laser work?

Heat, vibration and pressure are the primary causes of pain associated with the use of the traditional dental drill. Since cutting both hard and soft tissues (teeth and gums) with the laser does not generate heat, vibration or pressure, many dental procedures can be performed with fewer shots, less need for anesthesia, less use of the drill and fewer numb lips! Additionally, using the laser for gum procedures reduces bleeding, post-operative pain, swelling and the need for pain medication in many cases.