Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White & Bright

Are you looking for a bright, white and stain-free smile? The professional team at Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry is here to provide you with helpful tips on how to avoid unwanted tooth staining. For nearly 20 years, our cosmetic dentists have provided patients throughout the Greater Boston area with healthy and attractive smiles. Let us help you achieve the smile you have always wanted!

Our approach to keeping your teeth bright and white is especially important after making an investment in dental work. Here are a few simple tips on how to avoid stained teeth:

  • Watch What You Eat & Drink: Do your best to avoid common stain-makers such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, beets, and tomato sauce. Be sure to rinse with water and brush your teeth after enjoying your morning cup of coffee.
  • Schedule Professional Cleanings: One of the most surefire ways to maintain a white smile is to have your teeth cleaned professionally. For the best results, schedule teeth cleanings with your dentist at least two times per year.
  • Don’t Smoke: Apart from the well-known threats to your health, smoking is one of the worst culprits for tooth stains. If you are a smoker, your doctor can provide assistance on how to kick the habit for good.

If you live in the Boston area and are looking for a natural and healthy smile, look no further than Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. Visit Smileboston online to learn more about teeth whitening or the cosmetic dentistry of services we provide – from laser dentistry to dental Botox® to complete smile makeovers. Contact one of our two locations, in Brookline and on Boston’s South Shore, with questions or to set up your initial consultation.