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Smileboston Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Zoo Fundraiser

Smileboston recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the Franklin Park Zoo, part of Zoo New England, where guests could wander through a tropical forest surrounded by animals. Guests enjoyed the celebration helping to raise funds to purchase a large animal CT Scanner for the zoo. Celebrating 25 Years of Superior Dental Care Smileboston’s success is […]

Dr. Steven Spitz & The Darwin Project

Dr. Spitz’s passion for dentistry and cultivating the best possible experience for his patients doesn’t stop at the office. For the past 10 years Dr. Spitz has enjoyed sharing his time, knowledge, and expertise treating animals at local zoos and animal foundations. What people may not know, is that Dr. Spitz was introduced to the […]

Treating Patients on the Wild Side

Dr. Steven Spitz’s morning patient had an aching tooth and was desperately in need of a root canal. She didn’t have her usual appetite and was pacing back and forth trying not to focus on the pain. The staf gave her anesthesia and made her comfortable while Spitz and his team took x-rays and began […]

How a rescue center in Indiana cares for big cats

CENTER POINT, Ind. — Joe Taft has been rescuing big cats for 26 years. He’s been caring for some tigers since they were born. But not everyone at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana is such a cool cat. That’s because most of the 200 big cats there were rescued from abusive conditions. Many […]