Sedation Dentist Review

So my story, I think that my kind of traumatic negative dental experience started back in high school when I had braces for ten years and went through some oral surgeries because I had all but one of my teeth had to be like removed surgically. I didn’t lose my baby teeth like an normal person.

Dentists took them out, oral surgeon took them out, my parents put them under my pillow, then the tooth fairy paid me.

Nice big amount for all my trouble.

But all of that was really hard. I think that that experience was difficult, but I think the dental anxiety really started as an adult because that’s when my generalized anxiety disorder decided to be a part of my life and you know it’s been very difficult difficult to go to the dentist. It’s felt scary. It’s felt a sense of no I don’t want to go.

I don’t want to go through this.

And I mean no one wants to go through everything I’ve been through but it you know definitely it’s always been a all my adult life been a struggle to get me to go to the dentist and that dentists is here.

I believe at the time, this was several years back, my case manager at the time we were talking about it. She said, Have you found it done just yet?

And there’s something to that effect. We were talking about it. She said, Alright, let’s pull up, let’s Google sedation dentistry or something you know along those lines and within the results as we were trying to look for places not too far from me came up smile lost it and I mean it took a lot to try to figure out how to still get me the umier.

But my family was very helpful and the case manager was really helpful.

You know, and and you guys were really helpful to try to figure out what was gonna work to get me to go to be able to get the work that I very much needed.

For me, it was the best I met beyond what they were able to do to help me be more relaxed. It was also just the bedside manner other than just being able to talk to them and feel like I was able to feel like I was being heard feel like if I needed this and this they were able to work with me to either do that or figure out a workaround so that I could get the work done that I needed.


So nervous.

I don’t remember exactly if right away I started to take the medication.

It’s been so many years. It might have been a couple visits down the road.

But I always whenever I come in for any dental work one of my family members comes with me and she doesn’t necessarily, she’s not going to necessarily hold my hand but she’s there in the room with me and she’s very encouraging and gets me to go in.

Well, I take medication, to help me relax. I take it about an hour before the appointment.

And so by the time I come in I’m kind of you know out of it enough. It helps to relax me and then that in mind with the nitrous oxide I’m just overall a lot more relaxed and they’re able to do the work and recently we discovered if I put headphones on I’m not hearing the sounds maybe little bits of sound go through be you know come through the headphones out but that’s definitely helped to put on some favorite music because I love music and it’s a distraction to be able to in my head sing well.

From the moment I walk in I see one of the receptionists or if I call I have a question you know I’ve gotten to the point where I know them at the front desk. I know the hygienists.

Like, they’re my they’re a little bit like family at this point because because they’re just so wonderful, so nice, so patient.

Like, I call up and Andrew answers on the phone and smile awesome this is Andrew. Hey Andrew it’s your favorite person Elena? Like you know just being able to be just so relaxed with them and be funny and you know because sometimes humor pushes through my nerves so just to feel relaxed talking to them is helpful even during this invasive cleaning.

They tell me every single step of the way even if they know I kind of seem out of it they tell me every single step of the way that is something that also helps my anxiety disorders to know every single step of any kind of medical procedure I’m having.

He’s always been so nice gentle and easy to go in. I feel like that bedside manner, it it’s so worked with me, you know and my family tried to figure out for me what would make this even a little more relaxing of an experience to be able to get it done.

And I you know I it’s not like I look forward to coming to the dentist now but I know I’ve got those that that little insurance policy for myself of okay yeah here’s the plan I’m gonna take this medication I’m gonna have headphones on, grab the nitrous outside they’re very nice I know that there’s a plan and plans help with a lot of times help with my anxiety is to have a plan.

I wanted to say it is very important to me the fact that I’m able to sit here and give my testimony. The fact that I’m able to sit here and talk about my experience here and my own struggles hopefully to help someone else to know what’s out there. Hopefully to help someone to know there there is a there is someone out there that can work with you. There’s there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You’re not alone. You’re not you don’t have to just not have the work done. There’s someone that’s gonna work with you and help you through this very experience Sperry things that make up their own their own traumatic Sperry experience at the dentist.

Sometimes you know there are times where my anxiety has kind of crippled me and stopped me from doing some things and like I said it did take so many years to figure out what was gonna work to push through that and to work with it you know I have anxiety okay it’s a part of my life what can we do and this this is true not just with the dentist.

What can we do to lessen anxiety and to get through a medical procedure? To get through a situation have a plan talk to the doctor.

You know I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that not just the dentist but I mean any medical procedure could be scary and knowing what’s out there and thank goodness for cruel searching or I I never would have found Smile Lost it. But I’m thankful that they’re able to just do it and work with me and talk me through the whole thing.

That’s what I need from medical professionals.