Invisalign Clear Braces
Patient Reviews

Video Transcription

My first visit I actually lived across the street from Dr. Spitz’s first office in Kenmore square and I was 21, and I had braces and you know I just told them my fears and obviously my insecurities being 21  with braces and I hope that like I was like, is there any hope for me. And he was like, of course, there is!

So he took a picture of me. You know sort of x-rays and then took a picture of me to see what it might look like with the smile that he would give me.

So right then we just made a plan and then probably a few months later I had these. He changed my life, Dr. Spitz. I went in there with really a little bit of confidence. I didn’t smile with my mouth open. Everything was closed smile for all my pictures pre Dr. Spitz and then you can tell my photo albums post Dr. Spitz.

What impressed me most about Dr. Spitz, in general, is that he’s so down to earth and he’s so real and he’s such a caring person that that shines through. And I think that’s so important because he cares about his patients and not only that, but then it’s just who he is as a dentist and all he does with his cosmetic dentistry.

He’s amazing and he’s talented and he’s gifted and he really makes you feel like you are the only patient in the room. Smileboston has made me smile, like, from day one. I didn’t smile with my mouth open. So now I’m like smiling all the time. And it just changed my life because it gave me confience to work and to go out. And my job, I’m in sales. So obviously, a smiles, the first thing people see. So I never thought that I could have a beautiful smile until I came here.

And now I feel really confident and it’s just giving me that ammunition and confidence to just do anything I want. It’s just a wonderful place that you can get care all around from whatever your dental need is. And I would tell people the history and I would stand on the corner and tell people.