Dental Implants Patient Reviews

Video Transcription

The first time I went to see Dr. Spitz was to have some work corrected. I had had an implant and they had done a very shoddy job. So the implant had to be removed.

He gave me a temporary until we were able to get a new crown for the work. And so I didn’t suffer any more pain or irritation after Dr. Spitz fixed the problem.

So I also like someone who they do the job well, the one time. So I don’t have to come back. I had to get some work done and they had to try penicillin on me. And I had had penicillin before. Dr. Spitz, not his nurse or his other hygienist, called me says, listen, are you fine or are you having any reaction? I mean, it was. They have a lot of follow up you know and I don’t have to. You know they send me an email you know just to remind me about things.

So that’s what impresses me about this practice. They follow up and they care. I would highly recommend Dr. Spitz and this office and I would do that simply because of my experience of being better, getting better, and not having all these crazy issues that I had before. I mean, it took a lot to repair the work that had been done so shoddily. I mean cracked teeth, loose crowns, and infections. So I would say, listen, if they could take care of me. They can take care of you.