Sedation Dentistry for Special Needs

My story is, the mother and daddy of a thirty two year old special needs daughter. She’s always had difficult time with dentistry since she was very young, whether it be her anxiety or her special needs. We had pediatric dentists when she was young. But as she got older, she had a lot of difficulty with her teeth and loss of teeth. And we went to several places around the Boston area. We went to a couple of hospitals to get treatment. They they had a hard time, I believe, with Sarah and getting her dental needs accomplished. We searched we found Doctor. Spitz, and Sarah’s had so much dental work that has to be done. She’s now receiving implants from Doctor. Spitz. She’s able to get that under sedation dentistry, which we didn’t think we would be able to find for her or, have her go through the process. We found a place that’s really special for her. I think it was just coming through to Smile of Boston and, you know, having them make a swear that they could do it. We searched other places, and as I said, she did get, she had IV station in it was her special needs and her anxiety, and it just didn’t work. Also, I found that in the hospitals, they didn’t do the restorative work. They wouldn’t do the restorative work of Sarah. So here we are. She has a beautiful smile someday. Most important thing that I was looking for after Sarah’s care is to find somewhere where she’d be comfortable, somewhere where we would be comfortable taking her, where we could go to an office. And I guess we we were our anxiety for all of us, because I guess mom and dad both had anxiety or etcetera somewhere. So coming to Smile Boston, we find we can relax. We find his own care. Doctor. Spitz and his crew are just very onboard, accommodating, and make everybody feel relaxed. Sarah feels coming to the office like she’s coming home, I guess. She calls Georges Bitt’s uncle. She’s that’s her thing. She calls him uncle. She comes into the office. She leaves my car down on the street, she’s up at the office and she’s saying hi to everybody and she’s happy. And there’s no anxiety with her. And she just feels comfortable. Leaving, she’s had a couple of long procedures, and leaving, I feel comfortable after she’s gone through her IV sedation. Everybody’s right on board medically with everything that’s going on here. We take her home and she’s she’s done well. She’s done very well with it. IV sedation dentistry in Doctor. Spitz’s office is usually done on a Friday. He clears the office and he takes care of whatever patients, one or two patients on a Friday day that he is going to do full sedation for. It’s nice that there’s no others in the office, and all focus is on the one, maybe two patients that are here on Friday. So it’s comfortable sitting, waiting here. You know, it’s not people running, coming and going and everything else. It’s just very calming to sit in the outer office and wait as, take care of Sarah. I’d like people watching to know that if you do have young adults, are adults in your family with special needs and they need the dentistry, they need to have a mouthful of teeth, that there is an option. There’s an option that there’s a restorative practice here and that Smile Boston and Doctor. Spitz and his whole team, very open minded, willing, and loving in the way that they are going to bring it forward, and they’re going to put a smile on everybody’s faces and make sure the work’s done good, proper, top notch, and this place to go.