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Video Transcription

Well, my first visit here was about 10 years ago. It had been a while since I had seen a dentist. So I was nervous. But immediately I was led into the office where Dr. Spitz saw me.

And it was very, very comforting. He talked me through it explained to me exactly what I needed done and explained the procedure, we started my treatment.

There is a sense of community here that each person is valued and respected. And I think they operate out of this idea that everyone should be treated that way.

I would highly recommend it. I have highly recommended it. In fact, I insisted that my husband change. And I would recommend it to anyone. I think that it’s an outstanding experience. I’ve recommended it to my children.

I think that everyone should come and not feel ashamed of whatever their current status is with their teeth. I know sometimes people go a long time without seeing a dentist for whatever reason, and it’s the type of environment where I think most people would feel very comfortable.

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