3 Benefits of Computerized 3D Dental Impressions

cosmetic dentistryFor some patients, just the thought of visiting the dentist causes anxiety. Fortunately, the high-end experience offered at Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, patient appointments are convenient, comfortable, and deliver an incredible Smileboston experience.

With offices in Brookline, MA and on Boston’s beautiful South Shore, Smileboston offers innovative, high-tech solutions that make visits easier for patients. As leaders in cosmetic dentistry, Smileboston offers same-day crowns, painless laser dentistry, the revolutionary Pinhole Surgical Technique to treat gum recession, and full smile makeovers. Above all, patients value our computerized 3D dental impressions.

Our approach to cosmetic dentistry will dramatically improve your perception of dental care. Here are three advantages you’ll enjoy from a computerized 3D dental impression with our team:

  • Comfort: For some patients, the taking of dental impressions can be a lengthy and unpleasant experience—especially when a wet tray is inserted into your mouth. Smileboston’s computerized 3D dental impressions allow for the entire process to be completed with a remote scanner—so you’ll never have to deal with messy, uncomfortable trays again.
  • Speed: The oral scanner has 20 lenses, takes 20 pictures in one second and offers real-time images of your teeth. The computerized 3D dental impression procedure only takes a minute or two – drastically cutting down on the time you spend in the dentist chair.
  • High Performance: Thanks to the higher degree of accuracy from computerized 3D dental impressions, you can expect better results from your crowns, bridges, or veneers. Even a tiny imperfection can result in discomfort, so it pays to have access to such a powerful imaging machine.

The next time you need a dental impression, head to Smileboston Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry for a precise and pleasant experience. You can discuss this or any other dental procedure with our friendly team by calling our Brookline office at (617) 277-4100 or our Pembroke location at (781) 826-7577. Visit Smileboston online to learn more about our full array of cosmetic dentistry services.